On the issues…Economy.

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The best way for the economy to grow is to create an environment that gives every individual the opportunity to be successful. As your legislator, I work to support this goal through increasing local job growth, decreasing government spending, and lowering the tax burden on our citizens and small businesses.

Representative Jenna Haggar receives one of only two A ratings from the NRA in the District 10 House race.

Posted October 28th, 2012 in Updates by Jenna

Jenna Haggar and Don Haggar LISTEN to their constituents and support 2nd Amendment rights.

Check out their top rating on the NRA website: http://www.nrapvf.org/grades-endorsements/2012/south-dakota.aspx

These 3 beautiful girls just missed the parade!

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… So we gave them their own box of candy and some Jenna Haggar bead necklaces! Thank you girls!!


Early voting has begun.

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Please select the link below to view the District 10 sample ballot.

District 10 Sample Ballot

Will you vote today?

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Please remember to vote for me alongside my father, Don Haggar TODAY.

Thank you, Jenna Haggar

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“Men and women who have served our country and fought for what America believes and stands for, thank you.

YOU are honored.”

Campaign Update!

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It has been a privilege serving South Dakota over the last two years and I am humbled with the kindness and support received from so many of you!

And now, with redistricting, I will run in the new boundary lines of District 10.

This election year I am honored to be running for the South Dakota State House side-by-side with my father, Don Haggar. He is committed to being a fiscally conservative, pro-family lawmaker . (read his Bio HERE). Remember you have TWO votes for State Representative!

Because of the census, my district was redrawn and I am reaching brand new voters. With your assistance, I will return to the state House and continue to serve you through conservative, pro-life representation.

Your support in the 2010 election brought success. Together we can stand strong and do it again!

Join me in standing for the values that make South Dakota a great place to live!

Independence Day Celebration!

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July 4th is a GREAT time to celebrate our country's Independence and honor our Veterans!

Fireworks! Sunshine! Big Band Music!

I thoroughly enjoy conversing with my District 15 voters!