Promoting the Safety and Rights of Women

Posted February 27th, 2015 in Updates by Jenna

House Bill 1089 is Legislation aimed to ban Female Genital Mutilation on girls in the state of South Dakota and to provide a penalty to anyone committing this horrific abuse against minors. FGM is the abhorrent practice of removing part or all of the female genital organs for abusive and controlling reasons.  FGM is considered a violation of the human rights of females.

FGM occurs worldwide and is not bound by any religion, country, or demographic. Over 125 million females have brutally victimized. As South Dakotans we must protect the female refugees fleeing oppressive governments as they come to our state and we can help ensure their safety.

FGM severely scars the woman as well as affects their psychological well being very negatively. It is apparent in very many.

This bill has passed both the House of Representatives and the Senate and is currently awaiting the signature of the Governor of South Dakota.

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