Jenna Haggar is a State Senator from South Dakota’s 10th Legislative District. Jenna is the youngest female legislator in the state’s history, and she is committed to following the foundational leadership example of the true pioneers of our country. Initially pursuing elected office at age 24, Jenna overcame the challenges of running as a strong conservative in a heavily Democratic district. Through hard work, dedication, and commitment to listening to the concerns of voters, Jenna was the top vote-getter by a large margin against two incumbent Democrat opponents. Her priorities as a young female leader are to promote justice and mercy through political policy. Jenna formerly served as the vice chairman of the House Education Committee, and currently attends Commerce and Energy, Taxation and Local Government Committees.

Jenna strongly believes in the power of an individual to positively influence their community. Jenna has been a youth leadership mentor and speaker at Summit Ministries, and frequently shares motivational talks with young people throughout South Dakota and the United States. Prior to her election to the State House, Jenna served as an advocate in the legislature for the rights of unborn babies and other sanctity of human life issues, and also worked on a United States Senate campaign.

Jenna is social entrepreneur and is the administrator of Rushmore Women; a PAC promoting women’s issues through anti-trafficking and pro-life legislation.